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Ahead of Our time...
The times constantly changes toward the future we have never seen.
We are nothing but a mass of particle in an enormous physical and spatiotemporal object that we cannot see. However, the future will change and grow largely depending on actions by each of us.

"People" and "mind" are the be-all and end-all in a small group. Strong solidarity of "mind" enables us to lay foundations that are stronger than any large tree, and firmer than the ground. Accordingly, we value "people", educate our people to become a person of common sense with true human nature, and moreover, we deepen our technical knowledge to play a leading role in the industry.

"People" are assets, especially in this industry. Each of the people should increase the mutual understanding based on the relation of trust between the companies. In this way, we can grow further with our clients that sympathize with our idea. We believe that such further growth should be the most valuable progress and development for both of us, and that is indispensable to the outlook for the future.

In the name of "Flexible" in our corporate name "Flexible Computer System",we aim to cope with any situation as a group of experts, with emphasis on development of trust with our clients and meeting their needs. For that vision, we try to be a leading group in this environment of drastic change, and continue to move forward to the future.
Flexible Computer System Inc.
President & Representative Director Yamane Fumima

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"" Company Name
Flexible Computer System Inc.
"" President & Representative Director
Fumiya Yamane
"" Director
Kazuo Nitta
"" Address
Address 1600-15 Nakatsuhara Miyuki Fukuyama City,
Hiroshima 720-0004 Japan
TEL 084-955-6699
FAX 084-955-6679
"" Establishment
March 17, 1988
"" Capital
JPN 10,000,000 Yen
"" Business

Design and development of comprehensive computer system including cellular phone,control,measurement and statistic-analysis from personal computers to general-purpose computers.

"" gemployee
"" Main Bank
Mizuho Bank,Ltd.
Chugoku Bank,Ltd.
Momiji Bank,Ltd.
Bingo CredotAsspcoation.

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"" 大連永華技術有限公司
"" FCS[大連]技術開発有限公司

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